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Certifcate of Marriage Frame examplePSFI
Mariage Certificate

a marriage certificate is required to provide legal proof of your marriage. Click here to order yours.

Image by Leon Seibert
Marriage Registration

Every marriage solemnized in Saskatchewan must be registered with Vital Statistics. Click here to find out more.

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Marriage License

Click here for a complete list of local marriage license issuers and more information on them.

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Change of Name

You do not need to apply for a legal change of name or file a notice with Vital Statistics nor does it result in a change of name to birth records.

Regina Floral Conservatory

Intimate and breathtaking - any day of the year.

View on map.

Lady Slipper Courtyard

Located behind the Wascana Authority Centre. View on map.

Saskatchewan Legislative Buildings

Lots of open space in a centralized and picturesque location. View on map.

Wascana Park Bandstand

Located across the lake from the Saskatchewan Legislative Buildings.

View on map.

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